Our work focuses on avoiding harm or death caused by unrecognised or untreated deterioration in a patient’s condition wherever they are being cared for.

The successful adoption of version 2 of the national early warning score (NEWS2) across acute and ambulance trusts in England, helped by the National Patient Safety Collaborative Programme (NPSCP) and many others, gives us the platform to improve the management of deterioration across the whole patient journey.

NEWS2 adoption does not address all the challenges though. This year we are focused on care outside the acute hospital environment and are working within care homes and mental health trusts.

Greater impact will be achieved by improving the reliability of the deterioration pathway in three main domains, underpinned by excellent communication between professionals and with patients:

  • Recognition: the expedient recognition of deterioration including sepsis through the reliable monitoring, identification and assessment of all patients’ conditions in all environments
  • Response: the reliable activation, timely response and communication of deterioration
  • Escalation: the reliable escalation and de-escalation of clinical interventions and review by senior clinicians, to include advance care planning to reduce inappropriate care.

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